How to remove dark eye circles

How to remove dark eye circles

Dark eye circles

Despite dark eye circles not posing any danger to one’s health, many people try to remove them. However, it is impossible to get rid of all of them at once. These dark circles are sometimes red thus making them look ugly. Therefore, some people try out homemade medications to make them less visible. This article focuses on some of the prescriptions one can use to make dark circles less visible.

How to remove dark eye circles

It is important for one to know the cause of dark circles under their eyes so that they can choose a more suitable mode of treatment. For some people, the treatment procedure involves a significant change in their way of life while others opt for beauty products and cosmetics. The homemade solutions do not always give the desired results but are preferred because they have no side effects. Even though it is impossible to completely remove all these dark circles, there are various solutions that are used to make them less conspicuous. 

Getting adequate sleep

Dark circles under the eyes may become less conspicuous if an individual is able to get enough sleep. According to Sandra Anderson, an essay writing Coach at reveals that, enough rest and adoption of a healthy lifestyle are key in reducing an individual’s dark circles. Additionally, many people who were having spells of poor sleeping also reported noticing these dark circles under their eyes. This shows that insufficient sleep increases dark circles.

Elevating the head during sleep

It is worth noting that not all dark circles are permanent. There are some people who report having dark circles when they wake up in the morning which eventually fades off during the day. Medical practitioners have explained that these people have more blood vessels under their eyes than other people. However, this may also be caused by swelling under this region and therefore one should be careful. If they are just dark circles, an individual is advised to slightly elevate their head while sleeping so as to make the blood flow away from their head. This will solve the problem.

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Use cold compresses

Persons with more blood vessels under their eyes are also advised to gently rub these regions with cold water. This procedure has the effect of causing the blood vessels under the eyes to constrict thus making them less visible above the skin while also healing any swellings that may be around these regions.

Reducing sun exposure

Individuals can lessen dark eye circles by minimising the exposure of their skin to the sun. Some people’s skins react badly with ultraviolet rays from the sun and are therefore advised to apply sunscreen, drink a lot of water and wear sunglasses.  

Use cucumber slices and tea bags

There are instances when people rub cucumber slices under their eyes. The science behind this procedure is still unclear but many experts have attributed the reduced swelling to the cold temperatures in the cucumber. The same effect is observed whenever teabags are cooled in a fridge and placed under their eyes. However, some researchers link this reduction in swelling to the caffeine in the teabags that also constricts blood vessels and speeding up the blood flow around these areas. There are no conclusive reports that suggest that placing cucumber slices or teabags under your eyes reduces dark circles.


Vitamin C

Individuals are advised to use beauty products that have high contents of vitamin C. This is because vitamin C has the effect of improving the secretion of collagen by the body. Collagen is known to reduce blood stasis under eye region thus reducing the dark colour under the eye region.

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Retinoid creams

Retinoid creams sold in beauty shops  are also effective in enhancing the secretion of collagen by the body. These creams are derived from vitamin A and have an additional effect of reducing the amount of melanin in the skin. However, retinoid creams are not recommended for all individuals and one should consult their doctor before applying them.


For one to effectively remove these dark circles, it is important to understand their cause. Some of the most common causes of these dark circles are the genetic composition of an individual, heavy secretion of melanin in the skin, hyperpigmentation that occurs after inflammation, allergies, anaemia, one’s lifestyle, continued swelling under the eyes, having a lot of blood vessels under the eyes and skin shadowing. In addition to these, there are various causes that are related to an individual’s way of life that may cause these dark circles. They include insufficient sleep, high stress levels and heavy use of drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Though an individual may change some of the lifestyle factors, it is impossible for one to change their genetic composition. Therefore, people can use cosmetic products to reduce the appearance of these dark circles but they cannot change their body’s genetic composition to stop their production.

When to see a doctor

As we have discussed earlier, dark eye circles do not pose any health risk to a person’s health. However, some people choose to consult their doctors for cosmetic reasons due to low self-esteem.  A doctor can assist a person to diagnose and  categorize the eye circles, this will the person to get  the most suitable treatment. However, the person should understand that treatments take months.

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